Gretchen Parlato, jazz vocalist

Welcome to my inaugural blog post! I'm very excited to launch my portfolio-website, and I'm glad you took the time to check it out. 

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A few months ago my friend Jeff Kerestes (a fabulous bass player, by the way) turned me on to Gretchen Parlato, and she immediately became one of my favorite jazz singers. Her sound is sensuous and communicative. Her voice is colorful and unique, and she sings with an inviting sense of intimacy. This is one of my favorite songs off of her third album, Lost and Found, called "Still." Co-written by bassist and guitarist Alan Hampton, the music is honest and elegantly simple, but there's a rhythmic ingenuity to Hampton's writing that keeps the music floating -- never cliché. And I love the lyrics -- this is song writing at its finest. 

Happy listening,


i still love
by alan hampton
lyrics by gretchen parlato


even if you said goodbye
even if a dream may die
even when my life is through
no matter what you say or do

even if it makes me cry
even if i don't know why
even when things fall apart
even if you break my heart

even when i feel alone
even if i had no home
til my fears have gone away
let it go and come what may

through my joy and through my pain
like the sun that follows rain
no beginning and no end
love, so love comes back again

i still love

Lyrics © Gretchen Parlato Music, ASCAP



Buy Parlato's album  "Lost and Found" on iTunes .

Buy Parlato's album "Lost and Found" on iTunes.